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Published: 28th February 2011
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......WONDERFUL BARBECUE ACCESSORY...... The Rib-O-lator is an excellent barbecue accessory. My fish and ribs where the finest I have ever performed. The Ribolator gets my vote! -Bill Clinton, Small Rock, AK (this isn't the president, just a guy with exact same name and state.)

NOW..I HAVE MY OWN RIB-O-LATOR!! I live in Florida and barbecue a whole lot. When I saw your YouTube video I was amazed that such a thing existed. Now that I have my own Rib-O-lator I barbecue even a lot more, and everything tastes rib-o-lishious. -Tim H.

......GOLDEN BROWN AND ACTUALLY JUICEY!!! I went to Costco and bought their jumbo pack of modest chicken wings (about 30) to cook for the football game. I seasoned them and put them on the Rib-O-lator and in no time they had been golden brown and actually juicy, not dried out and burned like the other times I did them just on the grill. All the guys loved the chicken wings. I had to go get a lot more at half time. -Jimmy T.

......AS A GIFT...... My wife bought me a the Rib-O-lator as a gift after I had mentioned I saw it on the BBQ Brethren Forum, and how others liked the way their ribs, and burgers turned out. Now mine turn out just as good. My wife even uses the Ribolator (now i wonder who she genuinely bought it for!) -Mike F.

......CHEERS MATE...... I live in Australia, and I saw your Ribolator whilst watching YouTube videos. When I saw The Rib-O-lator I knew I had to have it. I have used it every single day because I got it and it works even better than I had hoped. Do you require any Rib-O-lator distributors down under? Cheers mate. -Davey G.

I BOUGHT THE RIB-O-LATOR!!! I do all of the barbecuing at our home, but now that I bought the Rib-o-lator and your FlavorDome smoker box my I can't maintain my husband away from it. I'm feeling just a little neglected. Any suggestions? --Julie K.

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The Rib-o-lator was invented out of frustration. My BBQ outcomes had been by no means consistent -- sometimes it was wonderful, other times a disaster, specially the ribs. So as a life-long inventor I set to work to solve this dilemma. One day as I was banging around and welding in my shop, The Rib-o-lator was born. My sister Carla became my partner to spread the news about the latest, greatest rotisserie attachment for the world's favorite pastime, BBQ! If you have a question about the Rib-O-Lator contact me at or call me at 206-999-0962 ask for Bob.

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